Friday, January 13, 2012


Summer hasn't been kind to us this year. In fact, I'm not too sure that I could call this summer. My running joke this year is "I like to pretend it's winter, that way, it seems like a mild winter with the prospect of a white Christmas." Good one aye?  No, not really. But it always gets a laugh. Like when I was a waitress in Australia, punters always used to ask me where I came from. The standard answer: I was born in South Africa, come from New Zealand and live in Australia. That way, I always win the Tri-nations". Nevermind that I know next to nothing about that egg-shaped ball sport, but I did like the tip jar filling up over the night because of my hilarity. 

Everyone has recycled jokes. When boy was a pizza delivery dude, it was policy that he gave the customer their receipts, but when ever they tried to not take it, boy always said, "Take it... in case I poisoned you". <insert fake, half assed laugh>. Today my brother pulled out one about  a word that had been repeated a few too many times on the menu he was reading. "Ctrl F 'velvety milk'". Good one.

All these lame jokes have nothing to do with what I'm wearing, except for the fact that summer's been cold, and we're still rocking outfits like these every night. We're very original and like to call them 'Grey-Man'. 'Grey-Man' is fairly easy to create in many varying forms, so you can still rock your own style – if I may call it that – while being toasty. In short, grey track-pants (or any variation of this) and a grey jumper (or any variation of this). Sometimes you can change it up and be 'Blue-Man', if the mood strikes. Or is 'Grey-Man's' in the wash. There are no hard and fast rules, just as long as it's warm and monochrome.

The outfit I'm sporting here is a pair of K-Mart trackies and an authentic Disney's Donald Duck jumper, straight from the US of A. I like to think it was bought by a nana who took her grandchildren to Disneyland, and got so caught up in the hype that she ended up spending the last of her month's pension cheque on Disney themed food and the jumper.

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